What Is A Treadmill Desktop Attachment

What is a Treadmill Desktop Attachment?

The first time I saw the treadmill desktop attachment I was a little confused because there are many different attachments that are available. To purchase an attachment you first have to purchase a treadmill. There are some good treadmills that cost thousands of dollars but then you have to pay someone to install them so if you are not that handy you may want to stick with a cheaper treadmill. If you are looking for a treadmill that is not as expensive and that will give you more variety in your workouts then you should look into the many treadmill models that are available.

The treadmill desktop attachment goes on the outside of your treadmill and connects to your computer through a USB port. The treadmill computer software then recognizes that you are working out on your treadmill and then tells your treadmill to calculate how many miles you have walked as well as how many calories you have burned. This information is displayed on your screen in real time, which makes it easier for you to keep track of your progress. Of course, some treadmills have the ability to track your workout history on their own so you don’t need the treadmill computer software to tell the treadmill what you are doing.

The other reason that I think this is a great treadmill accessory is because it allows me to be more flexible with my workouts. I can set my pace for a specific amount of time before I stop and go. I also have the ability to track everything that I am working out so I know exactly how much weight I am losing and if I am getting any additional benefit from my workout. The only thing that I wish I could do is to be able to turn the treadmill off so I don’t waste energy but unfortunately that is not possible. I would recommend getting the treadmill computer software so you can monitor your progress during your workouts.